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"Reviews are incredibly powerful. They give unparalleled insight into your business and they're the most effective online marketing tool going."

George Vincent
Co-founder of Preferrd

Why you need Preferrd

The only tool you'll need to build a successful reviews strategy for your business.
Review Collection

Review Collection

Collecting reviews used to be tough. We've made it super easy.
Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring

All of your reviews in one place. With awesome analytics.
Review Publishing

Review Publishing

Customisable tools to showcase your reviews. Everywhere.

What makes us different?

Most other reviews platforms only collect reviews at the company level. But Preferrd is built for professionals, and we know your business is driven by relationships.
That's why our reviews are collected at the consultant level.

Consultant-Level Reviews

Your business is built on relationships, that's why Preferrd reviews are collected at the consultant level.

Better Response Rate

With consultant level reviews, your team are more incentivised to collect reviews. They get a better response rate too.

Team Performance Insight

With each consultant collecting reviews, you get unparalleled insight into the performance of your teams.

Simple & Effective Tools to Get More Reviews

Collect Preferrd & Google reviews in one form

We've made it easy for your network to leave reviews across whichever platform suits them best.

Automated reminders to boost response rates

We'll automatically send out invite reminders to make sure you get as many reviews as possible.

Get reviews straight on your website

Embed our 'Leave a Review' widget and start collecting reviews directly on your website.
Review Collection
Review Monitoring

Central Dashboard to Monitor All Reviews

All of your reviews in one place

No more manual monitoring or missed reviews. View all of your reviews in one centralised dashboard.

Quick responses to build relations

Respond to all of your Preferrd, Google and Facebook reviews straight from the dashboard.

Data-driven performance analysis

In-depth analysis of your team's key strengths, and areas that need improvement.

Motivate teams with healthy competition

Sales teams are competitive in nature. Use ratings to motivate and incentivise your teams.

Reviews. Your Best Marketing Weapon.

Build trust, increase your search engine rankings and supercharge your website conversions by publishing your great reviews across multiple channels.

Sync with Google

Sync with your Google reviews and display your ratings and reviews in real time on your website.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Boost your SEO with user-generated content and long-tail keywords by automatically publishing reviews to your website.

Increase CTR with Star Snippets

Increase your search engine CTR by displaying rating rich snippets in organic search results.

Convert More Leads

Show off your Preferrd and Google reviews on your website, and let Social Proof do its thing.

Share on Social

Quickly and easily share your best reviews on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Company & Consultant Profiles

We'll create company and consultant landing pages to help drive traffic and sales to your business.

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