20th May, 2019 by Emily Richardson

7 Social Proof Examples To Boost Candidate Conversions (And Clients Too)

So you're finally gaining some website traffic but still not generating many client or candidate leads. Turns out, just getting people to your website isn't enough...

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19th May, 2019 by George Vincent

3 Tips To Supercharge Candidate Response Rate (That Hardly Any Other Recruiters Are Doing)

Up until around 2010, if you asked someone what they did for a living there’s a good chance they would tell you who they work for. These days...

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2nd May, 2019 by Emily Richardson

Candidate Experience Survey 2019: Candidate Attitudes towards Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies

A 20-question survey exploring candidate's current perception of recruiters and recruitment agencies....

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29th April, 2019 by George Vincent

Why Social Proof is Essential For Recruitment Agencies

Every business needs to build trust. Trust is a key requirement to attract, convert and retain customers. As a recruitment agency....

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