3 Tips To Supercharge Candidate Response Rate (That Hardly Any Recruiters Are Doing)

Up until around 2010, if you asked someone what they did for a living there’s a good chance they would tell you who they work for. These days, it’s more likely they’ll identify with what they do: 'I work in… I am a… {insert job function}'.

It’s a subtle but important change that highlights the shift in power from employer to candidate.

We’re in a candidate-short market, and the skilled candidate is firmly in control.

To complicate matters, sourcing candidates is actually getting easier.

It seems every day there’s a new tool to help recruiters find the ‘best’ candidates. With advances in AI and machine learning, it’s not far off that you can find all possible candidates with the click of a button.

The problem is…

Every other recruiter will have the same button.

Whilst this isn’t a new phenomenon – the real job of a recruiter has always started after the sourcing; it certainly makes it a little harder to stand out.

Good candidates are rarely actively looking for a job, they simply don’t need to. They’re bombarded by in-house and agency recruiters on a regular basis. And that’s not going to ease up.

The challenge then, is how do you best capture a 'passive' candidate’s attention and start building a relationship?

Social Proof Offers An (If Not The) Answer

As we spoke about in “Why Social Proof is Essential for Recruitment Agencies", candidates will almost certainly do some research on you and your agency after you’ve contacted them.

Can you be trusted?

Whether they’re doing it consciously or not, they’re looking to see if they can trust you. And the best way for you to establish trust is social proof.

No matter how many times you say you’re brilliant and trustworthy, it’s much more powerful coming from someone else. Ideally from someone in the candidate’s proverbial shoes.

Without further ado, here's 3 powerful ways social proof can supercharge your candidate response rate:

1. Build Trust With Reviews in Your Email

Referrals are brilliant right? They’re a foot in the door. You’ve been vouched for.

Well reviews are just as powerful (if not more so). Better yet, they’re:

1. A lot easier to come by,

2. Simple to showcase, and

3. Can be used repeatedly.

It makes sense then, to display your reviews in your email signature. You’ve got lots of people saying great things about you – so put that front and centre when you approach a new lead.

It’s worth saying again: there’s no better way to build trust than social proof.

You can wax lyrical about your services all you want…. guess what? So does every other recruiter that’s been in touch today.

Stand out by adding reviews to your signature. Your email will gain that extra bit of credibility. They’ll read it for a little bit longer, pay a little more attention. When it comes to cold outreach, it’s all about increasing your chances.

It works with LinkedIn too…

It’s not just limited to email; if you’re messaging someone on LinkedIn, try highlighting your reviews. Simply leave a link to your reviews page so the candidate can look themselves.

2. Pack Your Website With Social Proof

Too many recruitment agencies treat their website as an online brochure rather than a lead generating machine.

Whenever you reach out to a candidate (or client) for the first time, if you manage to spark their interest in your email/call/message then they will visit your website. They need to see if you can be trusted.

So, your best bet is to load your website with social proof, establish trust at the start of the user journey and you’ll have done the hard part.

Add ratings, reviews, clients, awards – whatever you have at your disposal – above the fold of your homepage/landing page. (Check out "7 Social Proof Examples to Boost Candidate Conversions").

3. Incredibly Effective Facebook Ads

Passive candidates aren’t actively looking for a job so any job ads you post online will go straight over their head.

That being said, they're open to opportunites so their interest can still be triggered...

Put user-generated content to work...

How about leveraging your reviews into Facebook ads? As we’ve mentioned, people are more intrigued by what others say about you.

If you’ve got one of your Senior Software Engineer candidates saying you’re the “Best Tech Recruiter this side of the Atlantic”, don’t just smile and say thanks…

Turn it into a boosted Facebook ad and put it in front of other Senior Software Engineers. It's super easy and relatively cheap to get highly targeted on Facebook, take advantage of that.

They may not be actively looking for a job right now, but hey: ‘the best tech recruiter this side of the Atlantic’ eh? Maybe it’s worth a chat.

Have you tried using social proof to attract passive candidates? Let us know how it’s been going in the comments below.


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