Why Preferrd?

Your candidates & clients are your most important source of feedback.

Their ratings and reviews directly impact how search engines and others candidates & clients interact with your agency. If you don't pay attention to your most important form of feedback, then you're likely missing out on placements and revenue.

Preferrd helps you generate authentic, verified reviews from your candidates & clients, which can give you incredible insight into staff performance and help you stand out in search engines and on social media.

Preferrd empowers recruiters to build better relationships with both candidates and clients.

The reputation of your recruitment business is paramount. Your reputation directly effects your ability to attract new clients, candidates and staff. And in the online world, reputation = reviews.

Harness the power of reviews

Reviews are everywhere. They've become fully engrained in people's online purchasing habits. Recent studies suggest that 90% of people consider online reviews when choosing a product or service, and 88% of people trust reviews just as much as a personal recommendation.

For an industry that has long relied on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations, this is brilliant news. Reviews, and their ever-growing power, represent a huge opportunity for the recruitment companies that embrace them.

Preferrd enables agencies to harness and manage the power of reviews. Our tools are built for recruiters, by recruiters, and are specifically designed to help agencies turn their relationships into revenue.

Every recruitment business in the world is looking to increase it's revenue, and to do that, you can either increase the number of placements you make and/or increase the value of your placements. Either way, they two core ingredients remain the same - candidates and clients.

Below we outline to key benefits of Preferrd, and show how review collection will help you to discover, attract and convert more candidates and more clients.

Unparralled Insight into Your Agency

The key benefits of Preferrd can be split into 3 core areas: perfomance, traffic and conversions. Let's start with performance.

Getting real-time genuine feedback from your candidates and clients gives you incredible insight to the service you're offering. By understanding what you're doing right, and more importantly what you're doing wrong, you can take real action to improve your service.

The list of knock-on benefits's from an improved service is a long one:

For clients it means better relationships, improved retention rates, more trust, jobs and referrals. For candidates it can mean long-term partnerships, better market insight, more referrals and future work (as a candidate and potentially a client too).

By collecting reviews at the recruiter level, as opposed to the company level, Preferrd becomes a powerful tool for monitoring and motivating your staff. With your recruiters getting real feedback from the people they're speaking with everyday, you gain unparalleled insight into the performance of your team.

With ratings across trust, knowledge, service, communication and quality, you have quantifiable results perfect for identifying weak areas, productivity trends and to use in your monthly/quarterly performance reviews.

Preferrd helps you to motivate and improve your teams by creating competition and incentives for the best performance ratings.

Leveraging recruiter-level feedback to analyse and improve your company's performance will directly effect your bottom line. Highly motivated staff create better relationships, build better reputations and make more placements.

Supercharge Your SEO

The second core benefit of Preferrd is traffic. And by traffic, we're talking candidates and clients coming to you directly.

How many incoming candidate or client leads is your website currently generating? Not many right? That's because most recruitment agency websites are not set up to drive traffic (or conversions for that matter, we'll come to that later). Yet there are over 200,000 searches for recruitment agencies on Google every month, and that's without counting the huge number of candidates that start their job searches there too.

Preferrd is set up to drive candidate and client leads directly to your business. We maximise your user-generated content to improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking and help you stand out from the crowd on Google.

In laymans terms, we'll help you show up in Google more frequently. Which in turn will drive more traffic to your website.

Preferrd's widgets enable you to display your company's ratings and reviews directly on your website. Your reviews will update in real-time meaning you'll have relevant and unique user-generated content being updated on a regular basis, all of which search engines love. Displaying your reviews will also enhance your long-tail keyword performance, as the reviews will be highly relevant to your business and in the language of your network.

All of our widgets are marked up to get review rich snippets to show in organic search results. In short, we add structured data that makes it easier for Google to understand your rating. This can increase your organic click-through rate, drive more traffic to your website, and improve your SERP rank over time.

Put simply, Preferrd will help you to get stars under your name in Google, which in itself will increase click-through rate to your website by 20%+.

As well as widgets, you'll also be able to list your company and individual recruiter profiles on Preferrd's directory. Our SEO optimised listings will increase your SERP exposure, further driving more leads to your business, either via search or your Preferrd listing.

Make More Placements

The final core benefit of Preferrd is conversions. Turning candidate and client traffic into real leads that can accelerate your growth in the form of placements.

Reviews are a form of social proof. It's in our nature to follow other people, our decisions are influenced by what others say, think and do. It's the reason you look up if everyone else is looking up, or choose a busy restaurant over an empty one, it's simply engrained in us. As a result, reviews are hugely influencial when it comes to converting leads on your website. Our latest data suggests an average conversion rate increase of 18% when reviews are present on a webpage.

That's 18% more clients contacting you to work on roles. And 18% more candidates applying for your job listings.

More clients, more candidates, more placements.

By adding reviews to your homepage you'll decrease your bounce-rate by building trust at the start of a "user's" journey, that means more people will stay on your site and look around for longer, again increasing the chance of a conversion.

To add to the good news, showcasing your ratings and reviews is not limited to your website. You can use Preferrd's tools to display your ratings in your email signature or on social media. You can even use your ratings and review content for further digital and offline marketing campaigns. The list goes on, for any connection you or your staff make, the results will be better if you're backed up by great recommendations from your network.

Preferrd gives you all of the tools to do just that. To help you stand out from the crowd and acelerate the growth of your recruitment agency. Feel free to get in touch today for a free consultation on how Preferrd could benefit your business.

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